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Better Band

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The Better Band's soca rhythms have dominated the airwaves, and night clubs in the Eastern Caribbean and beyond, for the past six years, thus earning them the title of Anguilla's Road March Champions in 1998,1999 and 2000.

The Better Band consists of eight dedicated and talented musicians, Corwin 'Bookie' Carty, 'Din-Din' Carty, Lanvol 'Panther' Carty, Bevern 'Sony King' Niles, David 'Bassie' Smith, Dwight 'Dwy-tea' Carty and Terry 'Hodgie' Hodge-Carty carrying the enormous weight of Drum Programming and Keyboards. Hodgie, once described by a radio DJ as 'the ladies man', has contributed to each album with a love song. Come Baby, Tonight, and You need a man have added much passion and intimacy to the Band.

In 1998 the Every Thing Copperset Album generated an immeasurable amount of recognition with Blast and Raise the Roof sung by Road March King Panther and Congo Pepa and Reach for the Stars sung by the man with endless lyrics Bookie.

The 1999 the Rough But Sweet Album with who feeling Soggy by the energetic Panther and Rags by the vibrant Bookie were the tramping favourites. Sony King and Bassie pulled their strings to perfection.

In 2000 Wuk Fe Yu Money inaugurated Anguilla's first Road March Queen; Sherma 'Da Babe' Hughes". This album also highlighted the diversity of the group with Dwight 'Dwighty' Carty's Crazy Love and Panther's Hip Hip reinforcing that the Better Band is here to stay, Can't stop it.

2001 Mo Better is an album of comparable splendour and harmony with intense rhythms. Being recorded in Trinidad once again has maintained that international soca flare. The Better Band is constructing a high rise building, with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor already completed with strong musical mortar and tough lyrical steel.

The 2002 album Good To Go featured a change up in the band. Gone are the Drummer, Chucket and female vocalist Sherma De Babe. Replacing the drummer is Savage. Album included hits like Represent, Turn It UP and the controversial hit Questions. Represent brought the band international fame when they hit the charts in Miami.

Brand new for 2003 is the album Time 4 Scratch. Just being released songs like Punchin and Fever are already chart toppers on the local scene. With a new drummer and vocalist Din-din, the band is an unstoppable force throughout the region with regular gigs in Atlanta and Miami as well as the Virgin Islands. Highlights for 2003 include opening for Beenie Man in Anguilla and playing alongside the new Jam Band International and Pyour Passion from the VI.

Culture in Galore Bacchanal for 2004. With 30yrs of carnival on Better Band's mind, they have done it with a bang. Their new 2004 album, titled Bacchanal has incorporated Anguilla's local and aspiring talent. Individuals like Omari Banks, Amorell Bryan, Ricky Banton along with Ruel and Janelle Connor, Better Band has amazed and satisfied us with their versatility and creativity again.



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